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Testing (also called assessment) is an essential part of Talent Management. Most people probably associate it with pre-hire testing, but there is so much more to it than that.

As we have concluded earlier competencies can be great in all parts of the silo free talent management landscape. So if we use competencies for recruitment  re-hire testing, why not use it for other testing? After the new employee is onboarded and is getting warm we could always do a follow-up test to see if the fit was good. We have the results from the pre-hire test and we still have the requirements profile for the position. Let’s do a follow-up test. It will give is measure on how good fit our recruit was but also how good was that source.

When we start to look at succession planning we also have the requirement profile and we have the individual competency assessments, but why not spice it by adding hose behavioral skills and test for them. Correctly done we can test an employee once and then map the outcome to a number of different jobs, or why not let our talent management system suggest jobs the employee is a good successor to?

If we use the behavioral skills why not push that into our performance management and use assessments to do the assessments of these skills? We can either identify a few behaviors we want all over the company or come up with more jobs related ones to test sales on different skills than leaders or support.

So if we use our competencies, skills and desired behavioral skills and test for them. We should be able to pull out some interesting reports.

  • Are employees from a certain source better leaders?
  • Does sales with a good fit on certain behaviors sell more
  • Which skills in sales gives us happy customers 2 years later

The list can be endless. The important thing is that if we use a silo free talent management approach with competencies and tests we can get these reports and therefore draw conclusions and show effectiveness and more importantly show how talent management creates business value.

If we use this right and extensively we need a system that allows us to use it integrated, but building the assessments ourselves is probably a too big and complicated task. There are experts out there that can do it for us, let’s use them but make sure that both input and output can be used anywhere in our talent management system.

Silo free talent management is not about build everything yourself, it’s about making sure that the output in one place can be the input in another, and that you can get these cross process reports that you can get when you have all data in one place.

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