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Ok, lets face it. Talent management is a lot of different sub processes and two of them are career and succession. And career management can be a wonderful way of keep your employees and be good input to succession planning.


But what do you do when people leave, you need succession planning in place before that happens. And the less career management you have the more likely you are to need succession planning.


People will simply leave for better careers as they don’t see options where they are.


So lets do career planning, both to keep your employees, show them that you value them and have a plan for their career advancement, with them.


If not, make sure you have good succession planning, for you will need it.


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In part 1 we tried to look at a definition of competencies and what different types there might be.

Now we should look into where can we use these competencies in a Talent Management environment

If we start by saying that any job can be described in competencies, a combination of:
•    Desired knowledge
•    Desired behavior
•    Desired certificates

we are not so far from the truth. As we have already established that we see these 3 as just different aspects of the same thing we are in luck. We might use our competency framework to describe the job, and therefore the position, requirements.

We are here assuming we will use competencies for defining positions not formal training or education which might be another option, but as competencies describes what you know and can use we prefer that before a list of classes you attended.

Once we have that we can assess our employees (that assessment might be done by employee, manager or a combination, also using 360 assessments) on all types of competencies, and produce a gap analysis.

Competency process

Based upon that Gap Analysis we can then try to better our employee. In order to do that we create development activities, and connect them to an identified competency gap.

The development activity might be something we used before, so we go to our activity catalog and search on our competency gap to find activities that we have used before to close that particular gap.
As we might not find one there we also search in our training catalog, and based upon our competency gap we get some suggestion on training we might use.
The employee might also be considered as a successor to another job or position. Same thing applies here. We do gap analysis, identify activities and training, all based upon the competencies.
The employee might do it all by herself in the career planning to get a feeling for how long way it would be to get to the dream job.

Once when the development activities are done we do a new assessment to see if the gaps are now filled.
In next part we will look at how we can add more data to our competencies to actually use them in our Talent Acquisition process

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