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Stacia Garr at Bersin wrote a Piece title “Reining in the Wild West of Development Plans” and although I agree with most of what she says I have some additional thinking on the matter.

I kind of always think that the development planning cannot be an activity solely for the employee for a number of reasons.

1. The development activities should support to close any gaps in current or future positions. And the future positions should be approved by the manager.

2. The result should be visible in next year’s performance appraisal and that makes it a manager activity.

3. It could be a reward activity. But then the manager should be on top of it also.

As a manager you truly need to get on top of this so that any development activity has a reason for being done and also make sure it is evaluated and that there is a good follow up.

Some employees might think that development is their right and want to include stuff because because they want it. But all development activities should be there to support a goal set either by gaps in current position or to fill gaps for a new position.

Yes we can use development activities for rewards but even then the manager needs to be on top of this to make sure it’s the right activities and at the right time and cost.

So to sum it up. Development planning is an activity when done right is led by the manager and steered by the company needs. It might be part of a retention strategy but is almost certain to be part of a goal setting and goal alignment strategy or succession planning. The work place never was and never will be the arena for the employee’s personal desires. That said: It is when the personal desires and the company requirements walk hand in hand that the best result is given.

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