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Development activities, different types of them, and how they should be handled.

In part 1 we went over the basics of integrated development activities.

Now it is time to examine what these activities can be, and what we need in our software to support them.

If we go back in the mists of time, say to the 1990s, a development activity very often was “attend an instructor lead training”.¬† It can still be, but today we recognize that development can be so much more.

Integrated Employee Development

Instructor lead training

The good old instructor lead training is still going strong. Sometimes that is the answer, and we need to handle it. It may just be that we want to record what we do and also keep track of the cost and when we did it. But we should at least have an assessment of the training in itself, not how well the employee developed, but what did the employee think of the training. Can be used when we decide if we want to use it again. Sometimes we want the training catalog to be integrated in our system, if we do that we can also use competency gaps to identify what training to use (more in a later post about competencies).

Online training

Here we often think e-learning. Truth is that it comes in a wide variety, but it all comes down to some sort of integration to LMS. Yes, it might also be done without an integration. The training might be hosted at a supplier portal. So what we need is to record, what we do, cost and a due date. It would also be nice to record assessments as above.


Most often we mean, I need a coach. The employee and the coach/mentor should meet, they should record activities and progress. So here we also need a possibility to have a list of appointments, and a list of sub actions, with their own assessments, timing and costs. To be able to sum on these to get a final cost, or a final assessments is always nice.

Read a book/self study

Sometimes we just need time. We know what to do , we need a quiet spot and we need time to do it in. Might be self study, read a book, review some old work. Whats interesting is that this is also a development activity and should be assessed afterwards. Any cost for it? Did we send the employee somewhere to get quiet?

Job rotation

And lastly we have job rotation. Might it be that the employee should try some time in another job? We need access to career plan then to get a hint of what that job ,might be. A possibility to setup that temporary position. Assessments afterwards, and maybe also a record in the internal job history.


So we have different activity types, and they have overlapping needs. Some of them might be crucial to have in the system and some we might just want to have the ability to record, not fully support the process of them. Lets get back to that in a later post.

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