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When I started this blog I decided to blog about 2 things

1. Product management
2. Career and succession planning

They were what I worked with, and still do.

Now I also pick up performance planning as a product manager so it is only natural to widen the scope to include that. I may in the future split the blog to a Talent management blog and a Product management/agile blog. But for now I will keep them together.

I will however make exursions into the other processes in talent management as I strongly believe they are all connected. We are in fact talking about silo free talent management. And that is an area I want to explore further here.

So in the future it will be more talent management coming this way. Both my views as well as book reviews, comments on research I get my hands on and blogging from conferences. (Bersin IMPACT is next up).

So lets explore the future together.

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