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Its time to not just report impressions and if it was good or not. Its time to go over some themes and comment on them.

1. Usability is everything

We have heard variations on this for some time. Research by Bersin shows that for each passing year the number of users that can sacrifice features for usability, integration or something other increase. As more than one person reported. A system that no one uses is useless regardless of the feature set. Whats really interesting is that at the same time the good old RFI is alive and kicking. We still use long lists of features (and often very detailed and very long) to buy software for Talent Management. There are exceptions, but the RFI is very much alive in its old form. Maybe its time to reinvent not just how we view TM systems, its time to reinvent how to buy them.

2. Big Data is on the move

Have we heard it before, Yes we have, and now we chant it on HRTech. What IS interesting is that in the new systems with social feedback, collaboration capabilities and more, we get more data. And we get data that we can use in new interesting ways. So sure, reality changes, and our capabilities with it.

3. Social

More and more we realise that we need to keep up with the employees. The most common Performance Management process is the failed one, so we really need to look at how can we make it a successful one. Social is one answer. Its a multifaceted questions. We want the outcome that we can measure and analyze, we want the employee to work in the system and provide data. We ant to make sure goals are aligned, and we want to make sure they are relevant. Social collaboration and feedback, integration with other social technologies are way to reach that. Just keep your eyes on WHY we do it, collaboration ad feedback is all very well, but not as a goal, only as a means to reach the goals.

4. Mobile

Everyone is talking mobile, but the more insightful I think are the ones who say. Well its all good, but really soon it will be a dead issue. If you are not mobile you simply are dead. As everyone will just expect it to work mobile we will stop talking mobile. We will stop trying to define what to do mobile, it should just be there, everything, and work. This will mean hard work and some new technology. We cant build apps for a whole bunch of different operating systems, it would be like doing a web version for Explorer , one for Firefox and a third one for Opera. Its bad enough with the testing. We need to get to a simpler delivery model and easier way of testing it, otherwise the visions will simply remain visions.

5. Startups

The competition iHR was really interesting. A lineup of interesting startups, well some of them not so small anymore. With ideas, with dreams, and some of them with unrealistic business models. It was a classic example of why most startups done grow to be a new Google. But we need the visionaries with their ideas, that most of them fail is part of the game.

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I am sitting at the Schiphol airport on my way home. Day 2 I had hopee would surprise me, and it did. But in the totally wrong direction

When someone is talking about their new performance process and it turns out is has 3 steps.

1. Set goals and objectives
2. Mid year review
3. End year review

I feel like I was transported back to 2002. The organizers failed when putting that session i to the program. Where is the face paved company, the ever chaning reality? Just gone, and with them the visions apparently.

Some other sessions were good, bjt same old message. Yes I got my roadmap validated, but no one managed to surprise me with some new insights. It was more last years insights with lipstick. Are we vendors so slow that this is how it is? Probably yes I am sad to say. But please remember that when the visionaries are visionaries, the main bulk of the HR practitioners have their day to day problems. They cant disrupt their processes just to be cutting edge all the time.

So if I draw a conclusion of these 2 days it is that they were interesting but not really surprising. That the fast paced world is not so fast paced after all.

But off course, my roadmap is influenced of the fast paced world, sooner or later everyone changes, even the lay that was stuck in 2002.


Btw, sorry about yesterdays spelling, done on a pad and in a hurry.

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