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I want to comment on some observations from this years HRTech. I was not at HRTech so how can I make observations, well a bunch of people from my company was there and I can listen.

One item that was a trend for the 3rd year, at least, was social. Well. It has been coming for some time now that we should integrate with social media. All have preached that mantra, not even those who have a clue what social media is, and even less how we should integrate with it.

Is posting a job on Facebook what they mean (that can be done by most system these days, and for the rest AddThis is a solution). Is getting respondents in a 360 from an employee’s LinkedIn Network integrating with social media? I really don’t know, but I do know that I think that it’s time for us to stop up and think about what we want to accomplish and stop shouting “social media” as if it was some kind of war cry.

First thing we need to consider is if we want to utilize an employee’s network on different platforms as part of the job, and if we really should do that. Can we demand that they use their Facebook network in our Talent Management processes? Most people use Facebook for at least a semi personal purpose and may not want to use it for their job.

I think we need to look at how these networks work, and then add functionality that uses the way it works, but not necessarily uses the networks in itself. If we want feedback on goals, let the employee choose who should give feedback, both among users of the system and people outside it. Just make sure you get feedback in a way that is useful to you. The Google+ +1 button is a great tool, but what it does is to endorse a popularity contest, and in performance management we would like to avoid that. Get feedback where the person giving feedback has to use words and really write what they think. Use it in conjunction with some rating from a predefined scale (for easy reporting) but make sure that you when you use it can delete results that are more “hey, I can rate my friend if I give him a good grade he will do the same for me” rates you will get.

As a manager you need to look at the feedback and you need to measure the relevance and accuracy of it.

Can we use the social networks to see who is an influencer in the organization? Sure, but not sure we can use the existing ones. In Facebook people have all kind of friends, in LinkedIn they have a more professional one, but do they want to open it up for their employer? Add functionality into your internal systems for knowledge sharing and you will get a tool that will give you answer to a whole range of questions

  1. Who knows stuff
  2. Who is willing to share
  3. Who gets feedback on what they share
  4. Who is the “go-to guy”

And you will get knowledge sharing. Not bad.

So yes, we need to go social. But first consider what you want to achieve, and then how to go there. Don’t just say “We need to integrate to social networks”, because that integration will probably not get you what you want as these networks has another purpose than you, and your employees might think it is an intrusion into their personal life and the result might be just the opposite than what you wanted.

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